Competitieset (Prescriped Tunes)

Earl of Mansfield

The Weary Maid

The Barren Rocks of Aden

The Piper’s Cave


3/4 sets

The Green Hills of Tyrol

When the Battle is Over


Collin’s Cattle

Red Hackle Pipe Band


Pipe Major J.K. Cairns




Castle Dangerous


4/4 sets

Scotland the Brave

Auld Lang Syne

The Pikeman’s March


Wooden Heart (Mussi Denn)

The Music Man

Waltzing Mathilda


6/8 set

P/M Donald MacLean of Lewis

The Steam Boat


Slow Air/March

Farewell to Camraw

Caber Feidh


Losse Tunes

The Bells of Dunblane

Highland Cathedral

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace The Fling

Cullen Bay

Blustering Home

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